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Ever since we first got this image Osgood in the opening to Dragon Ball superior the terminal power fans had been going into a frenzy wondering if it×39’s anew form now we have just recently gotten an image of what appears to Bethe back of Roku's new transformation or possibly could be on this video I'going to discuss a brand-new theory which talks about the reasoning forgot×39’s new transformation and how Think that he will end up using it tonight the OFNI King now I love Dragonball guys but what you may not know is Actually love Naruto as well and this video is sponsored by a game calledNaruto online it×39’s a completely free browser MMORPG you're done×39’t even need today anything or download anything, and you can just play if it's freaking awesome I will talk about that later in this video now the entire reasoning for this theory video is based on several new pieces of information that we'begotten the first is this picture which had the text the work of gods and Harlow with spoilers spoiler warning guys we have learned that universe 9 will actually be eradicated first the on the king will literally obliterate universe9 sending Roku and Tito and everybody else into a shock that actually just happened when the tournament of power was first announced to begin Goudas overjoyed with excitement all of them along he has been looking forward to fighting against many strong fighters from other universes, and he's kind of just turned a blind eye to the entire universe eradication ordeal a lot of us thought that perhaps before and universe would actually get obliterated by the OFNI King something would happen that would either interrupt the tournament we really didn't see trillions of lives just simply getting race but from the spoilers we have learned that this is the case that seven universes will be annihilated this includes the Kai ocean and the god of destruction from those universes in the next couple episodes we×39’re going to see what happens when these two characters get erase don the spot in my mind I'm done#39’t thinkthaRokuku even actually thought that this was going to happen and from the spoilers again we know that Roku and Theresa of the gang will be extremely shocked when it does when these characters that they fought against that they know will be eradicated from existence Roku and Veg eta shake off their shock, and they go in, and they continue to fight however as the tournament progresses more and more universes will be eliminated here'where I think Gout×39’s transformation and battle with the OFNI can come into play as these universes get destroyed Can see Coco getting more and more distraught eventually it×39’s going to hit him that it's his fault for all of these universes getting eradicated I feel thatGoku will take the weight of all of these destroyed universes on his shoulders he×39’ll see it as his fault for encouraging the tournament of power in the first place they'll ask Zeno and thereat priest to stop destroying all of...
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